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1. How can I get Yandex Auto for my car?

You can buy a car with a built-in onboard computer. For example, a Lada with the Enjoy Pro media center. We're already working on expanding support for more cars and integrations. You can't install Yandex Auto in your car by yourself.

2. Will there be Yandex Auto apps for the App Store* and Google Play**?

No, but you don't need them. You can already install any Yandex service on your phone or tablet. They all work outside the onboard computer.

3. Is it possible to download apps for Yandex Auto from the App Store or Google Play?

No, third-party apps can't be installed on Yandex Auto.

4. Do you plan on working with manufacturer X? Will Yandex Auto be available in car X?

We're regularly in talks with different players on the automotive market. We'll definitely keep you posted about any new integrations and announcements.

5. How do I update Yandex Auto?

You can download the latest version directly from the onboard computer if you have access to the internet. Maps in Yandex Navigator are automatically updated every day, even if the latest version of Yandex Auto isn't installed.***

6. What can Alice do?

She helps while you're on the road, builds routes, and opens apps. Alice is a voice assistant. She can understand your requests to build a route in Yandex Navigator, find the nearest gas station, and even tell you the weather and current exchange rates. She can also just talk to you on the road, play word games, or tell you a fairy tale.

7. If I have an idea for Yandex Auto or ways to fix bugs, whom should I contact??

Contact us at automotive@yandex-team.ru. We read every message, especially ones with interesting ideas.

8. Do you plan to display tire pressure, fuel consumption, and other car indicators in Yandex Auto?

A lot depends on the manufacturer. We want our services to be as integrated into cars as possible.

9. How is user data protected?

We store user data in accordance with the Yandex Privacy Policy. We also work closely with the car manufacturers to protect this data.

10. How much does Yandex Music cost?

Yandex Music is a subscription-based service. You can find the exact prices on the Yandex Music website.

11. Who should I ask for help?

You can contact Yandex Auto customer service by phone:
8 800 250-54-51 for calls inside of Russia.
+7 495 780-41-82 for international calls.

Write to Yandex Auto customer service

* Apple and the Apple logo are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the United States and other countries.

** Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

*** Maps are updated if the onboard computer is connected to the internet.