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Yandex Auto – your personal assistant on the road

Build routes, play music, talk to Alice, and search the web on a wide screen in your car

The best Yandex services in one interface


Find the fastest routes with real-time traffic and roadside events. Get daily map updates and alerts about upcoming roadwork, cameras, and signs.

It even works offline

Yandex Music

Like your favorite tracks and automatically play similar ones. Get access to new albums, a wide range of music stations, and curated playlists

Alice voice assistant

Tell Alice where you want to go or what you want to do. Just say "Hey Alice" and ask her to enter an address, find parking, or search the internet

Yandex Browser

Yandex Browser comes with Protect active protection technology that warns you about dangerous sites, Turbo mode to load pages faster when you have a slow connection, and backgrounds for the main page.

Yandex Auto recognizes you

Log in so that Yandex Auto remembers your data. Yandex Navigator will build routes to your home or work, and Yandex Music will turn on your favorite radio stations or tracks


The 4G modem keeps Yandex services connected to the internet: view maps, find information online, listen to music, or watch videos

Yandex Auto in new cars

Yandex Auto already works with a number of manufacturers. If you're planning on buying or leasing a new car, choose one that already comes with Yandex Auto. We're working on expanding the range of models available

Geely Mitsubishi Nissan Toyota Chery Renault Honda Lada

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